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November 28, 2005
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thwaap ... an ode to the Leica by cweeks thwaap ... an ode to the Leica by cweeks
pretentious? perhaps. but, then again, if you know me ... you know i don't really give a rat's ass.

does it contain mature content? hmm ... no more than whatever else i friggin' write.

this is dedicated to those that belong to ... they understand.

beyond the fact this is an amazing system of bodies and lenses ... for over fifty years ... using them is akin to a sickness.

sickness in the bank account.

better than owning a boat though.

i think, at least.

so ... i hope you enjoy this wordy ... diatribe ... dedicated to those that know what it is to use a Leica ... to those that'd like to learn more ...


cheers all!

NOTE: this was uploaded as a compressed PDF which you have to download. just so you know.
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Some are great picture. But the quality can match up by a zorky or a fed camera on fomapan film. But I have to say i never tryed a leica. And I think there are many photographers who just cant afford one. You can always afford a zorki a fed or a zenit. And after all not a leica makes a photographer. Leicas make snobs, and a few pohotographers. The zorki's and fed's had made photographers and a few snobs. It's easy from hollywood to comment on how fucking lame are all the people who use digital, or anyting else but rangefinder leica. Try to move to a former comunist country and buy a leica and be a fucking photographer here.
this is really the best article i read about photography and Leicas also...
thank you for posting it. altough i do not own Leica and never had the opportunity to try it, i would like to have one. you´re lucky man:)
thanks, mate.

hope you get one in the future...

you'll know why i wrote that!
one of the rarely positive side effects of physics is the fact that wider aperture gives shorter depth of field, with corresponding shorter exposures (ie. more possibilities with less available light, and distinction within your picture at the same time)

...can you imagine how fucked up photography would be if that was the other way around? long exposures for shorter depth of field, fuck no.

your writing style is infamously fucked up in your own special way... if you hired someone to make paragraphs out of your chaotic genius, you'd start a fucking revolution.

thanks for writing your mind...
dskphotography Apr 17, 2007  Professional Photographer
this is the article that convinced me to buy one and the shot of the girl gently sipping her drink is what sent me over the edge of completely believing that your are really beyond awesome thanks for the great inspiration :salute:
really? wow! thanks for letting me know!

if you want that exact shot, though, you're going to need the f/1.0! ;)

very happy to know i inspired you, mate!

keep me posted!
The thing I love about my Leica most is that there's only one button. The shutter release.
Thank you for this.
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