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chihuahua flatulence

Mon May 23, 2005, 1:25 PM
honestly, i think ... i'll digress...

riding in my car i smell this smell.  

no not that smell.

and i'm like, "WTF is that?"

it was the dog.  j'eez.

don't let them eat gummy worms.  especially the sour-ass ones.

on an equally stinky note ... she's been non-flatulent for hours now btw ...…

i cannot believe the audacity of this publisher to come straight to dA and blatently steal this deviant's work.  amazing really.  i'm shocked.  

i mean ... if your work is out there ... there are nefarious people that are going to go possibly steal it.

i feel bad for :iconisacgoulart:

compare… to Requiem of a Dream by IsacGoulart. they reversed it.  that's about it.  

to make it even stinkier look at… and compare to .  with this you can totally tell if you look at the petals ... it's the same friggin' photo.  they manip'd the colours but it's the same damn photo.

a publishing company.  that's just amazing to me.

i wonder how they'd feel if someone ripped their "words"!  

if i could read turkish, i'd find their email address and send a deluge of fucking words to them.

perhaps :iconpomadman: could assist with this? ;)

last week was hell.  i don't need to see another video-game-related-subject for ... another year.

louis xiv was cool.


my photos are embargo'd so you guys probably won't see them here.  after the embargo i'm not even sure i'll remember i made them.

not sure how much i like louis any longer.

took my daughter and a couple of her friends to univeral city walk here in los angeles.

like i had energy for it.

but ... turned out to be fun.

so ... an italian online photo e-zine has a couple pages on me…

interesting, i think.

but my comprehension of italian is about 4 out of 10.

i can order food like a mofo.

reserve a room too.

even badmouth bush and china.

the scariest avatar i've seen belongs to :iconbebz:

freaks my shit out.

not like a flatulent chihuahua but ... just the same.

i looked into the ear of the chihuahua.  :iconspyed: said, "you have no idea how deep this rabbit hole goes."

he's never looked into the ear of a huahuachi.

i think you need a mars rover to navigate that shit.

an easy week this week.  very happy about that.  i get to chill this afternoon in hollywood.  pick up some LATE stuff from my lab.  bastards.  i love 'em ... but they made me wait.  just so you know ... though ... as late as they were with my last 20 rolls ... they're amazing.  b/w service.  process.  proof sheet.  proscans (2mb files) all for US$10.00.  not bad.  next day service.  check out:

hopefully looking at studio space again today.  the last one was in a bit too seedy of an area.  

after happy hour with cha-cha (not chi chi) cha cha's not flatulent ... haven't fed her gummy worms though ... we're going to for happy hour.  if you're in the l.a. area .... check the mofo.

after this ... i'm gonna check out… friend mica just kicks ass on the viola.

don't ask me what compelled me to give the fucking dog a gummy worm.

i don't know.

anyway ... thanks all ... for the fave's, devwatches and comments and notes and suggestions.

yes, i hit the fucking button.


hope this finds you all well.

*running to make sure chi chi didn't have the hersey squirts on or near my bed*

cheers from los angeles,

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are you in the persian mob?

Tue May 17, 2005, 1:21 AM
700 messages.  stuff i want to look at.  

especially the deviations.



so ... i could just write a journal to say thanks.  yes.

f*ck you and your range rover you drove in with.
f*ck your saab convertible.
f*ck the hamptons.
the fiy-infested south of france.

really.  if you can find "i got cash" by brooklyn funk essentials.

do it.

funny as hell.


The Faint - Glass Danse

so ... today ... i did my corporate-america duties and pushed consumerism on the consumers of the world.

twas cool.…

although there were 2000 attendees at the unveiling of the PlayStation3 -- replete with 250 news crews and photographers -- i'm still the one that gets the first photo out of the new multi-billion-dollar-making device for consumers to consume.  and fatten the multinationals.

60 foot HDTV screen.

the new PS3 does things that i'm still trying to comprehend.

but ... it keeps me from flying coach.

hired… as my second shooter.  he's a great photographer.  and can second-shoot for me any day of the week.  yes, i hire my friends.  and ... i'll dd their work.

we had a war-room on the sony lot.

saw that bewitched-friggin-movie ad above one of the sound stages.

heard it sucks.

heard the pitt/jolie movie blows.

hence the romance?

anyway ... polk raced from culver city to shoot on the set of…

if you click the link, you'll see who was on the show today and why he drove in the median to get from culver-friggin-city to burbank.  it ain't pulizter material (his own words).

but he doesn't fly coach either.

by the time he was done with the set work i was done with photo approvals, sending my news images of sony's new product to the media outlets of the world.  the bush whitehouse does it.  why shouldn't we?  sending out your own material.

DO NOT GET FRIGGIN' GAS at the corner of overland and national.




i don't drive a prius.

it sucks.

met up at polk's house on the westside.

checked the web to see if "the material" hit.

it did.

we went to eat.

some cabo-friggin-named-mexican-friggin-place.

our waitress was Katy.

she had nice breasts but danced with a drunk guy who said ...

to another drunk chick, "are you a member of the persian mafia."

he's probably an out-of-work screenwriter and thought he was witty in trying to pick up this chick.

i hope he has a day job.

or is on the day shift.

seriously, i'm not really used to being out in the public.  

i live on hor'deurves and catered meals.

i don't go out to normal restaurants.

i'm on a list.

i go to private parties.  events.  whatever.  the drinks are free.

the hungry eyes ...

they're the same.

but different.

katy thought we needed another margarita.

katy was a dipshit.

but ... she had nice breasts.

i don't mean that in a derogatory way.

she did.

so ... we go back to polk's house and his friend is there already.  (that link doesn't like firefox)

it's really cool.  even after a couple margaritas and whatever to just chill with a couple people (all mac-users) that make money by playing with friggin' cameras.

we all do our own things.

but there's that common thread.

we see things in a rectangle.

been up since 6.00a.  i get to sleep late tomorrow.  phones all on silent.

cannot wait for the bialetti to start bubbling like vesuvius.

we had such an amazing conversation -- for all of 3 hours -- after a couple maker's marks and cokes.

the brown kind.

not the white.

and now it's 01.10 in los angeles.

katy's probably still dancing.

my daughter had a great birthday.  yes, i was here for it.  

hence the 06.00 this morning.

i bought her this beautiful little "big girl's" shirt with a butterfly on it.

which was...

right next to a shirt that said, "French Girls Say Oui; Spanish Girls Say Ay Papi."

no ... i didn't even think about buying it for her.

perhaps for a second.

but it was in bad taste.

and i have the best ex-wife any man could hope for.

so ... remembering what it was like a decade ago.

what i was doing.

what i was thinking.

to a media gang-bang.

to a meal and drinks in a place i wouldn't go.

to finding out my little panther friend was stung by a bee.

to an amazing conversation with my peers.

to this.

and thinking about a call time every day until saturday.

and hoping that this finds all of you very well.

thank you so much for the comments and faves and devwatches.  it does mean a lot.

i just can't be as personal right now.

life is hell but ...

life is good.

cheers from los angeles,

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down on your knees

Sat May 14, 2005, 1:16 PM
i tired of the disclaimer.

i thought supersize me sucked.  i don't eat mcdonalds ... why would anyone else?

they reconstitute dairy cows.  that's just gross.

+cweeks has  686 message centre items ( 122D, 1A, 76M, 368C, 21J, 2P, 96N )

yes, daunting.  

i know how bush feels having that fucking button at his disposal.

select all.


but i haven't.

as my little french friend says, "we say, 'you have your head in your ass.'"

she's about right.

down on your knees.

DOWN on your knees.

i love ima robot.

so odd.

glad they're not more popular.

went to a flaunt magazine party last night.  as a guest.

it sucked.


but we lost two of our party to the party.  they were in heaven.  my dog has a better life than most of the denizons in that crowd.

one of "our lost party" says to me, "oh my God.  i think this neighborhood looks famililar.  i lived here.  Or used to sleep with a guy here."

american idiot just came on itunes now.

tres apropos?

yes, i think.

but ... for late-night dining i totally advocate going to the velvet margarita on cahuenga.  paladar was closed.  bastards.  the empenadads rock.

they're not in argentina ... but they'll do.

this coming week.  lots and lots of shooting.  tuesday i'm shooting louis xiv and interpol during a private concert!  cannot wait.  it'll make the rest of the week bearable.


i had to say goodbye to someone this past week.  t'was difficult.  but ... communication is tantamount.  i really feel that communication is so important.

if you guys have noticed, i don't really talk about anything too personal here.

i just go for the shallow.

and the party circuit.

hopefully, today's party is a bit better than last nights.

i don't know where they found both the fashion and the band for that party.

the organizers were happy.

they were probably on drugs.

or having just celebrated their dog's birthday with coke and vodka before arriving.


but perhaps.

uploaded some more prints.  found out that my gallery rep said as long as they weren't signed i could sell them here.

t'was a good thing.

well ... i will be a bit absent from here for the next while.  i'll be busy as fuck.  crazy busy.

thanks again everyone ... for the fave's ... the comments ... the devwatches.  i've been a bit loathe to return comments as i'm prepping for next week.

hope this finds you all very well.

have a great weekend!

it's way too nice out to be sitting here.  go out and enjoy some sun.  if you have it.  and ... i hope you do.

cheers from los angeles,

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'do you want ketchup with that?'

Sun May 8, 2005, 1:55 PM
Mature Content Advisory & General Disclaimer
Please do not visit my page or leave comments if you:

Think cheerleading is too provactive for Texas
Feel WMD's were a real threat in iraq
Are still watching Justice Sunday over and over on Tivo
Have ever been to a book burning
Think Lindy Englund (or whatever her friggin' name is) is a hotty (she is the sheer visual definition of coyote-friggin'-ugly)
Blame the Runaway Bride for Running (just her pastor would make me run)

You are neither welcome nor advised to view my page, gallery, journal or comment on any of the aforementioned. If you do so, you do at your own risk.

not changing the mature content advisory ... this time ... but it still stands.

seriously ... there are so many things i should be doing.  throwing away junk mail.  organizing about a foot of contact sheets.  making phone calls.

talked my sister into getting the happy mother's day.


so ... last night ... i did a favour ... for one of the biggest ... people behind the people in my shallow little town of broken dreams and streets paved with fool's gold.

can't mention names.  but ... i was asked last week if i'd "shoot my knock tilux."  assistants ... fucking assistants.  i read it and thought, "what the fuck?"

then i figured it out.

i was given full license to shoot whatever the fuck i pleased.  3200 iso.  dim light.  full-on-open.

was an engagement party for a hollywood-mover-and-shaker to his new-soon-to-be-bride.  a model.  i know. i know.  a fucking shock.  but ... she's smart and cute and sweet.  so ...

well ... oh my God ... was talking to this girl.  yes.  very hot.  definately a model.

but my fucking i.q. was bleeding out my ears the longer i listened to her.

"sorry love my phone."

my other favourite is, "... listen my battery is dying, we'll talk soon, no?"



time management.

so ... i say to jake gyllenhaal -- who i know doesn't like to be photographed whatsoever especially with his new girl -- "don't worry i'm cropping you."

he walks up to me and says, "you think i'm crap?"

we laughed our asses off.  one of the biggest-talent-guests thinks i say i think he's crap.




mary kate was looking very stevie nicks last night.


lee lee agrees that bush is an angry little monkey of a man.

yeah, hollywood ... go ahead and say it ... we're a bunch of liberal fucks.

don't care.

you should have seen the view.

brandon from incubus got a new leica point-and-shoot.

we talked about his mom.  

she married me ... like eons ago.  an ex-girlfriend went to highschool with him.

just so you know, "we're relaxing right now, no work on an album for about a year."

he knows his mother's marriages -- the one's she performed as a reverend -- don't last long.

but paris is still beautiful.

hopefully in the early summer ... this time ... as well.

nicole called me "cutie-face."

i love her.

more than i love paris.  not the place.  i love that place.  

found out why paris and her are pissy right now.

but i'm not telling.

the fucking photos last night.  i could've made $20,000 for the exclusive.

but ... they were for a friend.  and i don't sell-out friends.

that's why they entrust me to shoot.

they know that they'll only see the light of day in their own offices and residences.

met another girl that said her dad designed the leica m7.  dunno about that.  seemed very engaging.

but ... i looked down and saw a ring.

"baby, my phone.  i'll be right back."

yo :iconfortun: whatdayya like for tmax 3200?

saw the dude that fucked up my hair back in sept.  why is he so nice to me?  i can't stand that fuck.  but ... it may not have been that guy.

see ... with names ... i'm so fucking bad.  you really have to make an imprint on my brain for me to remember.  there is just this sea of pretty faces ... and it all seems to meld.

ah ... i think the person who suggests dd's the best ... is :icongonzale:.  yes, some others as well.  but cha.  she rocks.  so does her work.

my mate from last night ... the one who wanted me to shoot the noctilux.  actually shot two of them last night.  he and i adjused light levels all over the party to make sure there was "just enough at a 60th and one-oh.'

i like people who know.

no bitches friday night.  just some friends.  a nice 2000 village but with A.O.C. grapes.  then a 91 opus.  then an 82 leoville.  drinking the average american's monthly income in 3 hours.  something just feels cool about that.

and ... i don't care if you think i'm being an asshole.

seriously, i don't.  it's all relative.

why no bitches on friday night?  one of them dates off myspace.  sorry.  that's lame.  don't get it.  didn't want to deal with her.


who are the hottest girls on dA?  send me a note and let me know.  that sounds sexist.

i live in l.a.

we're shallow.

but ... down to earth if you can believe it.

mostly the people that were born here.

we're used to the legions of those drawn to the glitter ...

for most of the actors and actresses and screenwriters will only learn ... well ... at least ...

"do you want ketchup with that?"

but whatever.

i like mayo.

and mustard, which along with chocolate, coffee, strong aged cheese and mustard, is a gift from God.

i'm serious about the hot girls, mates.  and mate-ettes.  that's not a word.

i don't care.

this is the internet.  spelling.  punctuation.  everything that pisses off my mom about the degredation of written languange ... it's alright here.

cutting thru the comments.  yes.  haven't hit the button yet.  i have this picture in my head.  of a salivating monkey in some maniacal state.  breathing hard.  teeth bared.  wanting to hit that damn button.

and erase.

wait ... sorry ... i had a nasty vision of bush.  

he's such and angry little monkey.

thanks, as always, for the notes suggesting dd's.  the fave's.  the watches.  the everything.  you guys make this place rich.

living life richly.  that's what it's all about.

now go wish your respective mothers a happy mother's day.

hope this finds you ALL well.

off to edit...


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Mature Content Advisory & General Disclaimer
Please do not visit my page or leave comments if you:

Think cheerleading is too provactive for Texas
Feel WMD's were a real threat in iraq
Are still watching Justice Sunday over and over on Tivo
Have ever been to a book burning
Think Lindy Englund (or whatever her friggin' name is) is a hotty (she is the sheer visual definition of coyote-friggin'-ugly)
Blame the Runaway Bride for Running (just her pastor would make me run)

You are neither welcome nor advised to view my page, gallery, journal or comment on any of the aforementioned. If you do so, you do at your own risk.

ah ....

really ...

ah ...

nothing is really expected of me today.

the void feels nice.

out to take my bitches on a date or just chill in suburban hell ... dunno ...

take offence at bitches and, well, you just don't know.

why are people so offended and sensitive to anything on the internet?  i don't get it.

like someone said, "did you take that picture?"

of-fucking-course i did.  it's in my gallery.  read the fucking description and comments.  seriously.

and i get shit for being a dick because someone obviously doesn't use their eyes and their brain and their comprehensive skills.

please.  get a life.

you wonder when i write back something that's ... whatever.  politically correct.  not nice?  i'm not mean to nice people.  i'm an asshole to stupid people.

also ... sarcasm doesn't come well thru in text.  

your little friend looks like something i need...

i want the stupid girl that gives me all those mean looks...

... make me crawl to you.

wind it, bitch, wind it.

i hope good things for louis xiv.  their video for "finding out true love is blind" as :iconlondn: agreed is just superb in terms of framing and ... just everything.

so ... i got one of my best friends to quit his lease on his office.  i'm finally tired of using a shared studio with people that annoy me.  people just pop in and it's the the most annoying thing.

we've found a place in the seediest part of hollywood.  between the two of us ... this is going to be fun.


we're calling it INFERNO.

sounds, dark, right?

but ... wasn't lucifer the bringer of light?  perhaps we'll put that in latin above the door before some drunk fucks steal it.  dunno.

i think apropos for something that deals with light.

no more, "why do you put a beauty dish there?"

now we can abuse assistants in our own domain.

our own little slice of hell.


huge roof.

hell ... beautiful ... hell ....

we both had to turn away a lot of work because of the fact shared studios suck with the wrong people.

wish us well on the build out.

ya' know that piece on seeing i wrote ... with a select few in mind.  i wish I were able to just direct it to certain people but ... when it's posted ... no matter what you say about "i don't care if you think digital is better" you get the comments.

the people that enjoyed it ... and took something away from it ... you made me day that day.

seriously, it took me 2 hours and 2 bialetti's full of strong-ass espresso.

t'was actually fun.

thinking about doing it again.

i've been a bit lax on replying to things lately.  busy as fuck.   up late.  working.  scheduling june and july.

paris in june.

probably after the summit that just moved to our little slice of hell.  

thank you guys for the comments, faves and devwatches ... yes ... appreciated.  if i haven't gotten to your dd suggestions ... they are NOT deleted ... i'm just a bit innundated.

and about to be more innundated.

but ... it's all good.

hope this finds you all well...

have a great weekend,

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bring a little slice home

Mon May 2, 2005, 1:09 AM
Mature Content Advisory & General Disclaimer
Please do not visit my page or leave comments if you:

Are convinced that Justice Kennedy should not look at the internet
Tivo'd Justice Sunday
And have watched Justice Sunday over and over
Prefer moonshine to a nice 2000 burgundy
Still think Faith Hill writes her own material
Think Bush's corn speech was genius or anything else that moron says is brilliant.
Think our commander in chief is than intellectually curious

You are neither welcome nor advised to view my page, gallery, journal or comment on any of the aforementioned. If you do so, you do at your own risk.

Unlike the mo-fos that ... well ... i honestly hope they didn't ... tivo (kinda like a verb now, like google) ... justice friggin' sunday ... i tivo'd rallye italia.  bastards.  citroen bastards.  they beat my team.

okay ... this is what i came to after ftp'ing today's work...

Admin +cweeks has  489 message centre items ( 191D, 3A, 30M, 200C, 33J, 2P, 30N )

if i am loathe to respond, that's the reason why.  i'm a working photographer.  as much as i love this place ... it's secondary.  actually ... not even secondary ... but definately in the top five.

cold play was great.

i swear.  i really see it all.  if i were to record it all ... i'd fill up all my harddrives and push up the price of film.  as ... i can't possibly record it all.  some is just recorded to the brain.  and ... some of it ... sticks.

so ... this weekend.  coachella.  dust.  distances.  lying to the braindead guards at artist's entrance.  do i really look like the keyboard dude from new order?  a guitarist from the cult?  i don't even have any ink.  but they bought it.  my driver lied.  i didn't.  he was a reborn ... how the fuck did he know about either of those groups.  dunno.

basically, my job was to document the luxury car maker's shuttling of artists and talent between "the venue" and our chill out pad.  a $10,000,000 desert oasis.  replete with free booze and free shit.  excess.  fodder for the weeklies and monthlies.  pushing the brand to a younger level.

honestly, i don't care.  i forget which person wrote derogatively about which publications that assign me.  weeklies.  monthlies.  editorial ... guilty-pleasure editoral.  believe it or not ... they pay better than the fashion.  the cool shit.  but ... they're the reason i can do so much different stuff.

i love them.  i don't read them.  nor look at them.  but ... there are plenty of 24 year old's in topeka.  des moines.  whereever.  that buy them.  and buy them hard.  and wait for baited breath for their arrival.

may not win a county photo contest.

but it keeps me out of coach.

seriously, i've had every single back-stage, all access "don't fuck with me and let me go whereever i want" kinda pass.

but ... it pales in comparison to having someone known ... really known ... on your arm.  

for ... all i had was a VIP bracelet at coachella.  no backstage.  just the VIP section pass.  and yet, you put nicole richie on your arm ... and guards just get out of the fucking way.

it was nice -- even though i had a rangefinder -- to just be a guest sometimes.  

nicole is very useful for cutting the bathroom line.

and the drink line.

after watching this "friend" take her second tab of E ... it was hilarious when she said, "It's so fucking hot."

no ... baby ... it's the desert .... ya' think that extra tab of E was real bright.

cameron and justin had a good time just being normal people.  gwyneth looked like a beaming mother.

good for her.  good for them.

as normal as they can be with thousands of eyes watching them.

then again ... i tune out certain shit ... i'm sure they've perfected it.

better than i.

so after the first coachella excursion and before coldplay ... i met up with some of my 760 friends.  i think the 760 (at least a portion thereof) is better than 909 ... but the 760 has such a 909 element.

my friend and i shoot on beer commercial sets.  he does b roll.  i do the stills.

we went out with his girlfriend and 4 stripper-friends.

so 909.

his girlfriend wanted me to, "take a little slice of palm springs home with me."

sounds so much like pie.

but ... not the kinda pie i usually want to take home.

i'm glad jacuzzi's can't talk.

i'm so not the "hollywood party guy" as i was described.  really.  i don't think so.  it's not like i go out any more than 3 times per week.  hmm.

one of my friends is a "celebrity wrangler."  for lack of a better word.  she was in the times a couple weeks ago.  my mom read it and handed me the article, "you don't know any of these people."

as i was dialing telephone numbers for her ... how i ended up her fucking assistant for a couple hours i don't know ... and how a vegan food stand sells chicken salad i won't understand ... but ... i told her what my mom said, "ya' know your world is fucking crazy."

she looks at me -- a girl that i will fully fund in an ice vending business in valdez specially targeting the audience of natives -- and says, "what the fuck are YOU talking about ... this is as much your world as it is mine."

odd world.

i don't think a man applying makeup is strange.  nor revolting.

i don't think making a driver wait for three hours is strange nor inconsiderate.

i don't think girls who love thinking about boy/boy action are strange.  they seem to be more interesting.

'tis good for the ganders ... good for the geese as it were.

i think a tattoo behind the ear is definately sexy.

as is a vintage panthere dangling from a wrist.

as are vintage earrings dangling from beautiful ears.

the tattoo helps.

louis would be proud.

monsieur cartier would get wood.

i know it.

but he's dead.

those eyes could raise the dead.

could i have, perhaps, said nothing about the nazi in the whitehouse?  besides the disclaimer, of course.

could i have talked about anything more shallow?

probably not.

but ... i just don't give a ... well ... you know.

i skipped NIN.

probably a sin.

but ... i'm sure i made up for it elsewhere.

ah ...


jaded in anger.

love underwhelms.

no box of chocolates.

whichever way you fall.

that was my weekend.  normal for me.  and ... can't wait to see "the personal work" with the rangefinder.

guys, girls, anyone, everyone ... thanks again for the comments.  the devwatches.  the notes.  responding to the bulk is a bit daunting.  so ... if i don't ... don't think it was unread.  or unthought about.  it was.  they were.

hope this finds you all well.

i need sleep.

cheers all,

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i'm his friggin' publicist....

Fri Apr 29, 2005, 11:56 AM
Mature Content Advisory & General Disclaimer
Please do not visit my page or leave comments if you:

Think Frist and DeLay are "Stand Up Men of God"
Aspire to become people like DeLay and Frist
Have an uncle named Bubba or are married to one
Think "Freedom Fries" are a better name for french fries
Think Faith Hill writes her own material
Have Trinity Broadcasting Network is in your favourites
Think Terry Shiavo (or whatever her name is ... she's dead, okay) was worth 24/7 news coverage

You are neither welcome nor advised to view my page, gallery, journal or comment on any of the aforementioned. If you do so, you do at your own risk.

well ... amber valetta's my new favourite person.  ex-super-model, great mom and just an all-around nice person.  the fact she's hot is really secondary.  we talked about kids last night.  iife.  she just saw the material i shot of my friend's baby and i'll be shooting her kid pretty soon.  she'll get a deal.

i doubt anyone has seen this:…

yes, that's right.  the front/splash page of Photo District News -- the biggest photography trade magazine in the world.  yes, :icontrueblood: is on the front page.

when you click this…

you'll read this:

Skate Expectations

April 28, 2005

Jaimie Trueblood's portfolio combines images from two distinct specialties: stills he's shot for movies, music videos and TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Malcolm in the Middle, and Roswell, and his shots of skateboarders. When he heard filming was starting on Lords of Dogtown, the Sony Pictures movie based on a real-life band of skateboarding innovators, he pushed hard for the job. Director Catherine Hardwicke liked his stills and skating shots—and liked the candid street photos in his personal book even more. Trueblood's stills are now splashed all over the film's promotions, including the trailer, web site, posters, and screensavers that can be downloaded from the movie web site. His images will also be featured in a forthcoming book about the making of the movie.

Trueblood, 30, even appears in a few scenes. The movie was shot with handheld cameras to give it the feel of a documentary. With multiple cameras, "It's hard not to get in the way," Trueblood explains. "I finally went to wardrobe and said, 'Dress me up.'" Since the movie is set in the 1970s, that meant "very tight jeans and cowboy boots." On camera he had to use a Leica for period accuracy, but behind the scenes he shot digitally, and occasionally used a 35mm and a 125 Widelux for some cool effects.

amazing what one can do with "snapshots." ;)  amazing that the same images that were so poo-poo'd by a few actually have landed him jobs.  hmm ...

i still can't believe the absolutely immature comments left on his page.

contrasting with the intelligent and mature comments and discussion led by :iconkrash:.  

it's so funny ... people wanted me to apologize.  they compared me to president bush -- ethically speaking.  one guy compared me to bush's claim that there were WMD's in Iraq.  when there were not, in fact, WMD's in iraq.

picking a photo and WMD's?  picking a photo and collateral damage?

i don't get it.


not Daily DEVIANT.

it's not an award.

it's a photo.

seriously ... commenting ... if there is CONSTRUCTIVE criticism ... leave it.  saying "this sucks" or things like that ... is that constructive?

i just consider the source.

i don't expect everyone to like every photo.

but why take it out on the deviant with the dd?

i hope everyone that did feels terrific about themselves.

perhaps thoreau said it best, "The masses of men lead lives of quiet desperation."

i am not asking for people to agree with every dd.  there's no way that would happen nor do i want it to.

but ... please ... negative comments to the actual deviant?  why?  does it make oneself feel better about oneself?

for me dA is about entertainment.  looking at photos -- the good, the bad, the indifferent -- is entertaining.  it's not life.  i love the fact that i've met creative cool people here.  it's an amazing community.  a bit on the sensitive side?  perhaps.

i didn't even know there were forums until the whole :iconreuno: debacle over that photo i dd'd.  why don't people just go make art?

cut the negativity and just pick up a camera or a pencil or whatever one uses to express themselves.

well ... time to gather all my equipment.  pack the studio into the back of my car. and ... ride off into the midday california sun to coachella.  i hope it's not as friggin' hot as hell out there in the middle of nowhere.  not a huge fan of the desert.

hope this finds everyone well.

thanks to everyone that left a comment, fave'd a photo or added me to their respective devwatches.  i've been extremely busy and feel bad that i couldn't get to thank everyone or reply.

have a great weekend.

cheers all,

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I have to go call my psychiatrist...

Mon Apr 25, 2005, 12:18 AM
Mature Content Advisory & General Disclaimer
Please do not visit my page or leave comments if you:

Think Frist and DeLay are "Stand Up Men of God"
Aspire to become people like DeLay and Frist
Have an uncle named Bubba or are married to one
Think "Freedom Fries" are a better name for french fries
Think Faith Hill writes her own material
Have Trinity Broadcasting Network is in your favourites
Think Terry Shiavo (or whatever her name is ... she's dead, okay) was worth 24/7 news coverage

You are neither welcome nor advised to view my page, gallery, journal or comment on any of the aforementioned. If you do so, you do at your own risk.

yeah, i'm lame.  the bravery is still playing.

but not still, really.  i was away.  all i listened to whilst driving was talk left and air america.  yeah, i'm a fucking liberal.  but didn't load them on my ipod.

so ... one of the hottest brunettes i've ever seen.  really.  i mean like ... i don't like trophy wives.  had one.  been there. done that.  but mine didn't have fake tits when we were married.

not that i like them.

but ... this brunette.  she's a roommate of a friend of mine.  if i posted a photo of her here, even the red staters would fall over ... their mouth agape ... and thinking of divorcing their cousin...

so ... she says, "i've got to call my psychiatrist."

i'm like, "you're fucking kidding, right!?"

she says, "No my regular one is in New York and i have to check in with substitute while he's gone."

i took it in.  yeah, i had a few drinks.  some horrible concoction.  truly fucking horrible.  i think about the taste and even the reese's pieces won't kill that insipid taste.

that's in my mind.

but ... so this fucking brunette.  perfect skin.  five-seven.  perfect hair.  perfect teeth.  body ...  most girls reading the magazines i shoot for ... they'd want to kill themselves to have this body.  it was so hot ... that seriously ... i may experience erectile dysfunction if given the chance.

but ... i say, "why is it the ultra-hot ones that are so fucked up?"

i still half-thought she was joking.

she looks at me coyly and says, "you think i'm pretty?"

"no ... not at fucking all.  i photograph the ugliest people in the fucking world.  i have no taste what-so-fucking-ever."

there was this look in her eyes.

not quite vapid but more close to edging toward psycho.

she started playing with her hair.

i mean this is a girl that drives a porsche owned by "Robert."

she probably doesn't know who Robert was.

she doesn't pay for her cell phone.

i'm sure there's an amex black in her wallet and she has no idea who's it is but it still works.

and ... she's calling her psychiatrist.

i think this is much like what's going on in our country.

we have fucking senators holding a "church meeting" to protest judges that don't think schiavo was anything but a vegetable.

we look so stupid with that kind of coverage dominating our media.

we are all the fucking rude-ass texans visiting paris.

anyone hear bush comment on corn?

just like my little brunette friend ... what the fuck is it ... denial?  looking for the love daddy didn't give us?

wish my dad would have become a federal judge instead of going to school for something completely different.

the fairest man in the world.

the only thing i got from him that i'm a little upset about is being a workaholic.

i know ... you all think i drink.

i don't really.

anyway ... i got two of my friends to join dA.  :icontrueblood: and :iconaimeesantos:  two completely different styles ... but ... they so rock.   trueblood's got a new book too.  he didn't write it but all the photos are his.  not only that ... but ... he's got to be the most mellow mo-fo on earth.

me too.

just kidding, suzi.

okay ... won't be around here that much next week.  it's kind of a hell week.  shoot monday.  tuesday busy shit.  thurs is pretty cool.  besides filling the pages of the magazines for the shallow and envious ... it's gonna be fucking amazing.  fri thru sunday ... coachella.

the people i wasn't able to thank personally for watching me or faving something, really, i try.  i try hard.  since that little + appeared next to my name.  fuck.  moonie told me.  i also heard, "you don't know how far this rabbit hole goes."

i said that to the brunette about life.

she looked at me blankly.

but ... then again ... i was drinking.

hope this finds you all well and unoffended.

not really.

the well part, yes.

cheers all,

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Mature Content Advisory & General Disclaimer
Please do not visit my page if:

You are easily offended.
Have not quite finished puberty.
Aspire to become a highschool guidance counselor
Feel that the ultimate in entertainment are WWF and Nascar
Feel that the E.U. are not our strongest allies
Enjoy banjo and fiddle music
Identify with White Power

You are neither welcome nor advised to view my page, gallery, journal or comment on any of the aforementioned. If you do so, you do at your own risk.

no don't.

the mature content advisory stays.

as long as pieces of shit like Tom DeLay ... fuck it ... tom delay ... are still allowed to say, "I know about my transgressions, but they made me find God."

psycho killers should say the same thing.

they're about the same fucking thing.

why can't they just stop pushing their fucked up version of morality on us?

almost enough politics, 'kay.  see the bankruptcy bill signed by that angry smiling fucking monkey?  think they see something coming?  think they want their friends to take the "hit" that they did in '89 to '93?  betcha they see something big coming.  like ... when my parent's generation start fucking retiring.  like in 2 years.

china replaced the u.s. as the most consuming nation on earth.

think that has any ramifications?

so ... commenting on deviations ...

why do people leaved fucked up shit on people's deviations?  well ... i've got a theory.  in fact, i've discussed it with friends.  they're fucking jealous.  their own galleries ... well ... look.  perhaps they spend too much time thinking about other people and should be making art?


cha-cha-chaina ... enter the ranks.  bend over.  submit.  ;)

but ... ya' know what ... you were RIGHT.  The Bravery are going to fucking rule.  found about 10 songs.  it just won't stop.  it goes and goes and goes and goes.

thanks baby.  my little maven of fashion and lots that's cool.

okay about commenting.  i think if there is an issue that can help a deviant, say it.  seriously.  if you just want to be bitter and jealous and just not helpful, why?

why say a fucking word?  does it make you feel better about the lack you feel in your heart?


so ... yesterday went well.  really well.  um ... san diego ... downtown.  about all it's got going on is the W.  a little irish pub with real gas lamps in a district called "Gaslamp" ... that has no gaslamps.

public speaking is much easier with 3 beers.

i met the guys .. the reps from the company that sponsored me.  button-down.  wonder what they thought about the ripped true religions and a Sabbath tee-shirt?  wasn't exactly a dA audience.

kept the audience listening though.

only only said "shit" once.

i didn't say fuck.

i pictured my daughter out there.  i didn't talk like an angry bitter truck driver on leg one of a cross-continental trip carrying chinese goods that fuck his relatives out of jobs in arkansas.

i don't like trucks.

but i like truck stops.

it's the hookers.   they reek of cheap booze.  but they're friendly if not just a little heavy.

not that i know.

when i'm not shooting i'm cruising truck stops looking for love on the five.

seriously THE BRAVERY ... they rock.  yeah, cha-cha you were fucking right.

especially "the rite of spring."

mr. forun ... rodinol's pretty nice.  except for the $33 charge for hand-line processing.

i picked a kitty.

no that wasn't the name of the hooker ... not that i'd know, of course ... at the last truck stop excursion.

this dd thing.  it has to be shaken up i think.  and ... i'm going to shake the mo-fo.  really want to find things that aren't there all the time.

a two-day shoot starting friday.

fucking 10.30a calltimes.

don't like the bitches ... not one bit.

how many of you are going to the dA summit?  i have no idea.

oh ... if you send in dd suggestions ... i do look at them.  you just wouldn't believe the amount.  i'd heard.  i didn't know.  i do now.  in fact, i may look.  i may  not get back.

for ... above and beyond to picking them ... i'm a shooter.

i don't like powerpoint presentations.

anyway ... hope this finds you all well.  thanks again for everything.

sorry for the late 4.20 wish.

what a day to have a birthday.

not that i had one.

cheers all,

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Mature Content Advisory & General Disclaimer
Please do not visit my page if:

You are easily offended.
Have not quite finished puberty.
Aspire to become a highschool guidance counselor
Feel that the ultimate in entertainment are WWF and Nascar
Feel that the E.U. are not our strongest allies
Enjoy banjo and fiddle music
Identify with White Power

You are neither welcome nor advised to view my page, gallery, journal or comment on any of the aforementioned. If you do so, you do at your own risk.

so ... i conferred with the girl that took the call from the caller phoning in a veiled threat.

-it was hushed
-it was female
-it was about 11.30a
-she said, "tell chris weeks to watch his back"
-the callerID said, "-UNAVAILABLE-"

and there have been no other telephone calls to other photo desks referencing me or my back.

i have eyes in the back of my head so it wouldn't do the cunt any good anyway.

interestingly, i spoke with others that have gone thru the same experience.  i guess it's quite popular to threaten admins.  

the reason i was a bit pissed is that i didn't want people that assign me work to think i hang out with "odd people."  perhaps, dangerous people.  but ... what's interesting is that even people that do what i do but sit at a desk and field phone calls for photo desks get their own threats.  guess it's not that uncommon.  sorry.  my professional life is perfectly fine.

so ... we're all good.  glad it seems to have blown over.

i mean it could have been the married bitch i was banging.  

but i don't think so.

she was deaf and mute and had no way of using anything other than a voicebox and i was told that the voice was definately a girl or maybe pre-pubescent sounding.  not electronic.

okay ... i wasn't banging a married girl.

first off.  wait, does a fucking first off count now.  whatever. don't care.

mr. :iconmarkgreenmantle: thank you for all of your offered support.  hope your new camera is treating you well.  now ... just put it down okay.  sweat from your obviously sweaty palms is not good for the seals.  um ... also get yourself a graduated neutrual density.  you'll love it it for the purpose you wanted a filter for.  polarizers are pretty cool too, mate.  that guy rocks. don't know about the coffin.  but ... he rocks.  as does my other friend from australia that offered his help.

dd suggestions.  i get a lot.  what i'd like to do is set up some kind of protocol.  please send me a note and i'll look at your gallery.  if i say, "you're good to go," you can send me dd suggestions.  'kay.  it's going to weed out the VOLUMINOUS amount of notes.

what kind of dd's do i want to look at?

-subjects that push the envelope.
-allusions to the celebration of gay marriage and unions
-photos depicting creepy connections between religion and state
-evangelicals preaching with a vein popping out and looking scary

what kind of dd's do i NOT want to look at?

-cute couples
-ill-composed abstracts
-anything with blood
-one-off's from galleries that have anything else to offer

i don't mind kitties.  or doggies.

check out :iconaimeesantos: and her website &n… really rocks.  not only as a photographer but as a human.  wish i photographed animals the way she does.  i hope she will shoot my chi-chi.

a chi-chi is not the pet name for my dick.  'kay.  you sick fucks get your minds out of the damn gutter.  

could :iconnorthengirl: be any sweeter?  i don't think so.

could :iconiamkatia: be any more supportive?  i mean my jockstrap in highschool was less supportive. ;)  then again my jockstrap could have been to big for my small penis.

to all the people -- you know who you are -- from the e.u. that sent supportive notes and emails ... you guys rock too!  really.  there is one american that will fight for a french photograph and that's me.  

yeah, yeah, yeah ... if you love it so much there, move there.


i find my views much more in line with the way they think over there.  freethinkers and freehangers (boxers?) are much more appreciated there.  why?  because for the most part they're from a culture that has shit stuck in the cracks of the cobblestones older than our culture.  they aren't afraid of nudity.  they don't condone violence. they don't condone cowboy foreign policy.

their coffee is better than the watered down shit they serve here.

and the girls in the czech republic are fucking hot.  and they're everywhere.

i love old europe.

did you know that only between 7 and 11% of the u.s. population has a passport?

did you know that the top ten urban sprawls (cities) in America are the number 3 GDP?

did you know that bush's approval rating is falling like a rock?

are you ready for inflation?

know where your clothes are made?

have you ever seen:

every time i see it i laugh.

oh wait ... should i put that up?

fuck it.

so ... matthew perry the other night.  he was nice.  he was engaging.  paris wears a fucking wig.  matthew perry was in a good mood. and jessica alba and i saved some poor girl that i egged on to jump in a pool from getting kicked out of a party.  what's going on in this world?

why  is it that security guards and highschool guidance counselors have the same mentality?

okay ... guys ... girls ... and ... lovers of art.  thank you very much for your support.  notes.  devwatches.  fave's ...  all of it.  

i really do love the good parts of this community.  the people that think freely.  i guess ... any community ... has it's bad parts.  quite obviously so.

hope this finds everyone well.

cheers all,

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dA Hiatus

Sat Apr 16, 2005, 2:22 PM
so ... guys ... girls ... true lovers of all art.

this isn't the long journal that i usually write.

rather it will be succint.

i now know why there aren't many professionals on this site.  clearly, this is, perhaps, not the place for us.

my n.y.c. office received a veiled threat directed towards me.

an internet-based argument over art made it to the physical world.

granted, it's probably nothing.

but ... i'm just going to wait on the sidelines to see what else happens.

there will be no response to comments or notes.

the 400+ comments will be deleted.  sorry for the non-response.  clearly, there are people populating this place that would be better served on myspace.  not an art site.

i'm not leaving.

i'll just lurk for a while.

suggested listening by :iconadoniram: from bright eyes.

"When The President Talks To God"

When the president talks to God
Are the conversations brief or long?
Does he ask to rape our women's' rights
And send poor farm kids off to die?
Does God suggest an oil hike
When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God
Are the consonants all hard or soft?
Is he resolute all down the line?
Is every issue black or white?
Does what God say ever change his mind
When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God
Does he fake that drawl or merely nod?
Agree which convicts should be killed?
Where prisons should be built and filled?
Which voter fraud must be concealed
When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God
I wonder which one plays the better cop
We should find some jobs. the ghetto's broke
No, they're lazy, George, I say we don't
Just give 'em more liquor stores and dirty coke
That's what God recommends

When the president talks to God
Do they drink near beer and go play golf
While they pick which countries to invade
Which Muslim souls still can be saved?
I guess god just calls a spade a spade
When the president talks to God

When the president talks to God
Does he ever think that maybe he's not?
That that voice is just inside his head
When he kneels next to the presidential bed
Does he ever smell his own bullshit
When the president talks to God?

I doubt it

I doubt it

those who know how to contact me are welcome to off this site.

again, i hope this finds you all well.

cheers all,

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the beast is quiet...

Fri Apr 15, 2005, 3:30 PM
but perfectly ready to come out of previously said firey hole...

it would appear that the siutation is over.  well ... let's see ... a detractor ... she's now called me paparazzi.

in fact, the correct word is paparazzo.  paparazzi would mean that i was more than one person.

also, a paparazzo is someone that takes pictures without talent or publicist permission.

all of my photos are made at the behest of said publicists and talent.

again, misinformed.

that's alright.

listen, i got a few messages from people ... really nice people of faith that don't necesarily wear said faith on their sleeves.

i am sorry if i hurt you in any way.

my issue is with the rising tide of evangelical conservatives.  i feel they are bad for the country.

one of them bashed my state.  a blue state.  whatever.  we're like number 5 or 6 in gdp.  i doubt many others can say that.  we live in a beautiful place.  there are plentiful jobs.  people seem happy.

i think :iconlorrainemd: was talking about health care.  why can't the current administration just stop the warmongering and just take care of domestic issues?  i totally agree with lorraine.

i mean ... i know that unemployment is running rampant in red states.  it is.  the fabric manufaturing sector is near dead.  furniture makers are shipping their jobs to asia.  a lot of that is centered in the south.

you guys.  please wake up.  i know walmart is very popular there.  please look at labels when you buy your socks, your dressers, your clothes, etc., etc.

we still make some amazing stuff here!  who cares if your socks cost one extra dollar?  

much to the chagrin of people that have shopped with me, i look at the labels as to the origin.

americans in general are screwing (i would have used the word f*ck... but ... i'm an admin ... i have to use some discretion or so i've been told.) themselves out of jobs just to save a buck.

we should boycott any retailing giants that import EVERYTHING from asia.


besides my cellphone and computer ... everything i get is made either in the u.s. or e.u.

i wonder if bibles are printed in china yet?

so ... to the detractors.  i'm sorry you had to experience a fight ... you may consider it "harrassment" ... i don't ... but you may.

just don't post in my journal any longer.

don't look at my gallery.

i won't be hurt.

AND to all of those ... and there were over 300 ... that support free speech and not censoring art ... THANK YOU.  it meant a lot. you all know who you are.

not sure how much i like being a role model ... but ... i enjoy being an inspiration to those who i'm an inspiration to.  thanks for the notes.

my admiration for :iconspyed: and :iconjark: ... they are just amazing people with art in their hearts.

i didn't mean to rhyme.  really.

think that buying goods from china isn't bad?

see the market today?

know anything about consumer confidence?

wake up people.

so ...

thanks again to those that devwatched, faved, supported my view ... ya' know.  thank you.

hope you all have a great weekend.

i get to work.

hope you're all well.  even those in redstates.

cheers all,

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so ... drama ... drama ... drama ...

so much ... i didn't get anything done today.  why?

because some narrowminded, dogmatic, unbending people reported a photo

Mature Content

Manifespiss by Reuno
as something that hurt them.  their virgin eyes.   

renaud ... saw a moment.  he perfectly exposed his moment.  composed it with care.  everything in this photo is well-fucking done.

i just used the word fuck.  maybe the redstate miscreants can take issue with that too.

i mean ... would i choose a dd if it showed someone shitting on another person?  of course not.

please go and fave this photo again.  in protest against the misguided miscreants.  here's the photo again

Mature Content

Manifespiss by Reuno

just in case you missed it.

yes, :iconkhavi: fight the good fight.  just like :iconbaby221: said in her journal.

our country is being overrun by hypermoralistic people that want to tell you who to marry, what you can watch, what you can say, all sorts of shit.

i know that :iconiamkatia: feels the same way.  we msn'd throughout the day.

yes, i was serious about taking my gallery down.

i will not succomb to the right-wing zealots.

you should see their comments back to me.  their forum posts.  their notes.

ya' know what ... really ... preach to someone that cares.

i only care about integrity of art.  

Mature Content

Manifespiss by Reuno
represents what we see every day in life.  as :iconkhavi: pointed out in a chat ... photojournalism is not pretty.  really ... look at national geographic.

what we encountered today are the same people that write letters to proctor & gamble, GM and others when they see something on television they disagree with.

:iconbutterflylady: hope the drink was good.  you can stay here.  art won out over zeolotry.

:iconlivin-a-life: no they don't know art.  art lovers won out, mate.

:icondeepchrome: don't worry about the hacked french.  you should hear my czech.  all i know how to say is "good day" and "i would like a beer, please."

:iconrwirtz: some have no idea what it means to be a christian.


:iconkittytrishia: i seriously hope your telephone number isn't that of the beast, baby.

i'm going to worry.

ya' know ... it's interesting ... these miscreants ... they have such a nice friend in :iconathenatt:  she wrote the nicest most well-thought notes.  thank you.  really.

i think :iconvp-: said it best "I just find it funny the people bashing the guy, and the people on the forums that bash most people all suck horribly."

seriously ... we have the best "leader" any community could ever hope for.  :iconspyed: has integrity ...  balls ... and a love of art.  moments.  go check out his page.


you guys should show those two miscreants some love as they wasted my day ... i could have picked a new dd.

sorry if some of the comments from the last journal are not responded to ...

i was rather ... innundated ...

please be well.

the art world is safe again.

from right-leaning idiots.

cheers all,

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the number of the beast

Thu Apr 14, 2005, 12:43 PM
so ... got to sleep relatively early.  yes, it's all relative.  i had a meeting at 9.30 for coffee with a friend that was showing me some vintage leica glass.  motul oil change on the beast next door.  went over 500 miles and my mechanic says, "what ... think you're special."

he takes my car's health more seriously than i do.

had like 5 minutes to check email.  of course i was late this morning.  9am is fucked.

i see a note for :iconiamkatia: about some thread which was about a dd she pointed out to me and i selected for :iconreuno:.

i'm not going to name names.  'kay.

anyway ... i see this thread.  it's about the amazing street shot done by reuno.  dunno ... 500 faves.  more than i have one single photo.  i was so happy for him.

but there are these miscreants.  what'd they say, "the composition was horrible" ... besides other bullshit.

okay ... i can understand if pissing in a fountain upsets them.  as narrow-minded as it may seem ... yeah ... i understand.  but ... saying the photo was not composed properly?

so ... the instigator of the thread.  looked at his gallery.  um ... i seriously hope the guy has a day job.  it appears as though his co-instigator is his wife.  checked out her gallery.  um ... hope she has a day job as well.

and ... hope neither of these day jobs are photo-related.  if so, i pain for their clients.

then again, they're probably from a red state.  where ... i'm sure they wouldn't know art if it bit them in the ass.

they probably have john ashcroft's rendition of "Let the Eagle Soar" on permanent repeat on their ipods.  wait ... i'm sure they're not cool enough to have ipods.

not only that ... but ... when one is well-travelled and aware of other cultures and tastes ... one may become more tolerant.  doesn't jesus preach tolerance?  it's not all fire and brimstone.

then again, i don't think europe wants redstaters there.

we'd be better off if they weren't here.

i mean ... it's alright to disagree with the content in a photo.  personally, i don't like blood in photos.  to me ... it's far more offensive than someone taking a pee.  that's me.  whatever.

we all have our opinions.

but ... when someone with such little talent decides that they are going to try and rip apart work by another -- and far more talented photographer than themselves -- puhlease.

i saw their website too ...

i nearly laughed so hard that i fell off my chair.

but ... you know what they say in used car sales, "there's an ass for every seat."

anyone that wrote anything suggesting taking reuno's photo off dA.  please take me off your devwatch.  please.  also, i have a great memory.  if anyone ever suggests looking at either of the galleries ... permanent ban in my mind. actually there were other instigators.  i hope they take me off their devwatches as well.

you may see something that submit that doesn't perfectly align with your skewed views of what art should be.  or can be.  but that's alright.  i'm a working photographer.  my day job is photography.

winning some ribbon in a backwater holler ... isn't the same as 500+ people liking your photo.  'tis very different.

i'm listening to number of the beast in their honor.

not my typical genre. but ... in their honor, nonetheless.

so ... i'm done with them.  

very busy week.

can't believe that the photo i made of the couple in a burger joint ... someone here knows the girl.  very small world.

i'm sure the redstate miscreants will now grafitti my page.  they're report me for mentioning them.  i didn't mention names though.  i was close.

honestly, i don't give a rat's ass.  these are the same kind of people that haven't read the patriot act and probably support it.  no doubt.

almost didn't recognize paris hilton the other night.  she was wearing a brown wig.  odd.  i think she put on a little weight to.  good for her.  i think she needed a burger.

and, sorry, reuno, i really liked that photo.  it was out of my hands.  i'm sure the miscreants are happy.  dancing. wait ... dancing may be a mortal sin.

my head is banging ....

Six-six-six ... the ... number ... of the ... beast.

she came to me with a serpent's kiss...

more than once.

thanks again, everyone, for the notes.  the faves.  the watches.

hope this finds everyone well.

cheers all,

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Obese shoppers say clerks not helpful

Sun Apr 10, 2005, 11:23 PM
not my words ... a headline from

don't even know why i put it up there b/cause surely i can think of something better than that.

perhaps not.  or i would have.


last night i got hang out with a group from the u.k.  leon.  that's the name.  very very talented.  even made a few photos.  it was so fun to hang out in a backyard under the stars without wind.  listening to some nice acoustic guitar.  drinking scotch.  watching smoke drift upward.

american spirits.  

watching the lead singer just chill and drink scotch and play guitar.  interesting.  its so interesting how artist are just really willing to please their audience.  with songs like "i slept with your mother" and "you stress me out and make me smoke" ... there was a little 5 year old ... totally uninterested.

then he sang old mcdonald with adlibs.

and he even hooked her.

moreover .... i believe that by and through pleasing the only member of a 15 member audience that wasn't interested and getting her interested ...

he pleased himself.

a willingness to please and please oneself ...

isn't that what art is all about?

transcending politics, culture or one's relationship with one's mommy or daddy.

i think that's what this whole dA experience is all about.  sharing.  pleasing.  spreading the love as it were.

then ... i said, "Yes," to picking dd's.

honestly ... prior to that experience i never saw, "this sucks" or "i hate this" or "why is this even on dA?"

if you don't have anything constructive to say, really, why say it about something that someone is just trying to please others and themselves with?

honestly, i looked at the galleries of some people that said shit about either my dd's or other's dd picks.  their galleries ... well ... i just won't say anything.  just hope they have day jobs.

or get a day job.

that's not photography-based.

next week is very very very busy for me.  many shoots.  meetings.  and the like.  probably won't devote much time to dd'ing.  

thank you guys, by the way, for sending me notes about dd's.  if, per chance, i do not respond that doesn't mean much.  my dA activity is usually interrupted by my mobile.  and ... i move on to the next project.  but ... i totally appreciate it.  

thanks guys ... for the comments and devwatches and fave's.

hope the upcoming weeks is productive and this finds you all well.


p.s., pro tip of the week.  this is the best way to clean sensors, just so you know:…

also, check out ... very interesting process.

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Sat Apr 9, 2005, 2:56 AM
cha cha chaina.  i've never even heard anyone call shana ... cha-cha-chaina...  definately deserves it ... i think.


Ever watch two people that have just kinda like hooked up.  made out? a month ago.  perhaps, two.  so each one of them says.  not sure which to believe.  under a glaring sign that says "Cocktails" outside a cheap-ass bar.  he says, she said, 'i made out really good.'"  she says, "did you see how much anger he had towards me? you know i dissed him?'"

when's bucky comin' a callin'?

i have to tell you.  there is this onramp.  los feliz to the five-north.  you gotta wait on the side of the road until there's no one.  sharing this ramp.  in four-eight you can hit third and get just sideways enough if you hit the apex of  turn one just right.  there's really nothing like it.  a buck ten by the time you're really on the freeway.

dangerous?  feels right.


sub-ninety-iq-detector (sorry if there are any cops reading this) on.  police frequency detector on.  you're good for like two minutes.  until the rev limiter kicks in.

why a rev limiter when the ecu is different?  i can buy new tires.  clutches and brakes.  trannies and engines ... different story.  rather not.  i know it's inevitable ... but ... just not quite yet.

fucking detours.  134 was closed to the 101 and took me on the 170 thru noho.  you could just smell the porn seeping out of the apartments on magnolia.  yes, s.f. ... porn capital of the world.

i hate greyhound.  not as much as the neo-nazi administration but ... pretty close ... they really impede one's progress turning left on signals in that piece of shit of a valley.

but ... mulholland awaits.  dark.  quiet as a tomb.  not mine.  but that's in the back of my mind.  don't know why but cops leave it alone at two in the morning.

i'll digress.  if i know i'm only having a couple drinks, i know that i'm going to drive a bit fast.  maybe more than a bit fast.  but this little three-light setup toting bitch is mean.  she wants to speed.  always check the tires and the pressure before i leave.  if i know what's around the corner later....

but ... ah mulholland.  also ... change your headlights to the illegal motherf*ckers they use in japan.  you can see everything.  when you're just at the edge of cohesion you wonder if this is what james dean or vince neil or some other stupid ass is thinking b4 they either take out a family of four or a tree.

but what would a family four be doing on a pitch black night in the middle of the santa monica mountains at two?  a tree.  understandable.

dr. quinn medicine woman's old set flew by in a flash.  chicane after chicane.

thank you caltrans for really doing an amazing job at cleaing up the rocks.  grazie dio anche!

when you see the same freeway so much .... a diversion is just so refreshing.  guess there's a reason i hear road noise in the tires every 5,000.

now i'm good for a few weeks.

anyway ... i didn't pick on dd's.  tell ya' why i picked my own.  didn't pick on bush.  didn't even relate some shallow story about what's it's like to shoot in an equally as shallow town.

just my ride home.

and ... thanks :iconfortun: for fuckin' up the work flow on the analogue side this week.  dropped it tonight.  let ya' know how the apx looks.  have you seen  scans like a mo-fo.  but for some reason tri-x looks the best.  go figure.

so ... the third dd is up.  only one detrator so far ... can i just be honest?  like really.  every detractor ... has had a complete piece of shit gallery.  yeah, write something on my page.  something fucked up.  you'll know the truth.  don't even think she was a 15 year-old from turkey with a digi.

do you think it's true that a camel has a better chance of threading itself through the eye of a needle than a rich man has of going to heaven?

i pondered that whilst watching the green blur by ....

point.  really.  where the fuck have you been?

and ... don't really think that sharky likes to play anymore.  sad.  whatever.  muses don't grow on trees. but in this town ... you'd wonder.

yo :iconpomadman: i really  like that photo.   really.

next week looks like hell.  just looked to see what it looked like.  perhaps less dd'ing activity.  sorry ... 15 year-old from turkey with a digital camera.

thank you ... you guys for pointing out some cool work by they way.  and ... it wasn't even your own!  Bravo.

p.j. :iconunfinishedsympathy: ... thanks for the file.  just ftp'd it to my lab.  love to have it on my wall.  totally.

and ... everyone that i was unable to note or comment or whatever.  thank you.  have a great weekend ...

and hope this finds you all well.


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seriously ...

Wed Apr 6, 2005, 10:22 PM
i really don't HAVE to explain myself.  there are my clients.  my daughter.  my parents.  my friends.  internet people.  yeah.  i mean ... no.

but ... the people -- you guys -- that come here and say very nice things and that i have fun interacting with ... yes ... i guess i could answer to you guys as well.  to a degree, of course.

and, yes, my dirty little secret is that i'm secretly obssessed with "american chopper."  sorry.  i think those fucks are hilarious.

although i'd never own one, i kinda like choppers now.

okay ... i'm done digressing.

picking dd's.  do i have criterion?  yes.  and no.  i prefer to give dd's to people that have never had one.  also, i will never give a dd to a "one off" that is not supported by a strong gallery.  that being said ... i'm not going to prejudice my decisions.  i don't care if someone has 1,000 pageviews or 1,000,000 ...

if they have an image that moves ME.  well, then, i'm going to give them a dd.

like the dd i gave to UnfinishedSympathy .  when i first saw it.  i felt the movement.  how many dd's really convey a feeling that you actually feel?  i dunno ... a friggin' photo of a peacock.  sorry.  flowers.  don't think so.  a fucking lamppost ill-composed.  hell no.

i look at it editorially.  there are many uses for it.  

art is art.  art means different things to different people.  one doesn't have to explain why they like it.  they can.  opinions are opinions.  i won't say opinions are like assholes ... wait ... i just did.

i got an email from pj's ( UnfinishedSympathy ) dad.  really touching.

someone said, "oh ... the guy that picked it must want something from the deviant."  what the fuck do i need from him?  niente.  nothing.  he's french; i'm american.  i wasn't trying to improve the damage done by the neo-nazi's in the current administration.

but ... if i did on some small level ... so be it.  it's a good thing.

wait until the pundits see the next pick.  i can't wait.  they're going to say, "what the fuck is this?"  ya' know what ... fuck the pundits.  seriously.  the guy who got the next one just got accepted into an MFA program for photography.  i doubt many of the potential detractors can say that.

also ... if you were overly mean to either myself or UnfinishedSympathy, YOU ARE PERMANENTLY (ON A PERSONAL LEVEL) BANNED from me even looking at your gallery.  PERMANENTLY.

and i did look at some of the galleries.  complete shit.

and who am i to say that?  dunno ... i'm commissioned at least a few times a week.  preferred.  sometimes every day.  unpreferred.  i have been published 1000's of times all over the planet.  i have a stock library that sells EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN' DAY with over 100,000 images in it.  i've edited for major wire services.  

i'm not some 15 year old with a digital camera in turkey that thinks i should explain why i picked something.  that little fuck. he'll remain nameless.  i'd hate to get a policy violation.


did you notice that i learned how to insert a deviant's icon or name now!  thanks, :iconkhavi:!

thanks :iconiamkatia: ... you're really a cool chick.  i knew it from the beginning.  i hope a rangefinder finds it's way into your hands someday.

we need more people like :iconmoonbeam13: .  she knows why i said that.  everyone should deign to have a heart like hers.

everyone should aspire to be as cohesive and transcendental in their commenting (me included) as :iconashigaru: .

i'm still a little pissed about all of the people taking potshots at the deviantart agreement.  know how much work :iconspyed: puts into this community?  probably never will.  pretty amazing guy.  pretty disgusting how talented he is. ;)

the people that decided to leave because of their misunderstanding of what it said.  perhaps, just perhaps, a culling was in order.  dunno.  perhaps.

so ... on a brighter note.  the contest.  i've decided that it will not be like "sound."  or "red."  or some stupid-ass topic that i always see.

it will be ...

"make me smile."

yes, "make me smile."  i want to see some emotion.  happy emotion.  shot on the street.  shot in a studio.  shot in your kitchen.  colour.  b/w.  in america.  in iraq.  whereever.  simple.  complex.  whatever.

why "make me smile"?  images that convey a positive feeling in the person looking at it have a better chance of conveying a positive choice on the part of the viewer.  like a lesson in stock photography.

digital or film.  i won't be prejudiced in the medium.  canon.  nikon.  holga.  polaroid.  even ... leica.  whatever you use.  

i will create a unique email address for people to submit to.  i'd ask that you submit it to me first rather than putting it on dA ... rather than sending me a link to something.

there is only one prize.  a print of MY choice.  signed by me.  and it may be one of the ones i save for special occassions or print buyers.

i'm not going to tell you who the judges are.  after the fact i will though.

cut off date for submissions?  hmm ... how about the end of july?  that's about three months.

i'll make a formal announcement and someone at dA will make it known.  somehow.  i mean ... i just figured out how to include icons and names as links.  'kay.

again, everyone ... thank you for the nice comments on the work i posted from the outtakes of my last commission.  you guys are too cool.

james nachtwey's on nightline tonight!  ABC.  11.30p my time.  should be interesting.  he's a stud.

hope this finds you all well.  even dickhead in turkey.  the one thing that i do ... do ... is forgive.  it's easier that way.

enjoy the next dd. ;)

cheers all,

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Tue Apr 5, 2005, 12:07 AM
ah ... the caffeine from a strong-ass cup brewed in the bialetti.  kimbo!  buono.  illy sucks.  regular-old-from-napoli kimbo.  still have the taste on my lips.  the point where the initial buzz ... is a nice bright haze.

this was the first that i've noticed spring is tip-toeing her way in.  the light's so nice.  still a nice breeze.  relaxing.  calming.  perhaps i got a bit of sun today.  hope.  i know i'll regret it when i'm 60 and sitting in a dermatolgist's office.

shot one of the castmembers of CSI:Miami's bday parties last night.  until about one.  moved the 29 photos i liked the most.  i love hearing, "i don't need to see them, i trust you." i trust you means "i know i won't look like a drunk idiot with a a drink in my hand" and "he won't move any photos of me with girls other than my girlfriend."

and ... i went to sleep ... after the photos ... after a little cup of caffe.  thinking of playing in a garden with a friend.

yeah ... it was work.  yeah ... there were a lot of looks to cover.  but ... i look at it as playing.  playing with a friend.  playing with light.  making something the designer will be proud to showoff.  i don't like the normal lookbook look.  i shoot it editorial.

don't usually show you guys ... everything.  a lot ... but not everything.

brought my dad's old sx-70 landcamera from polaroid.  some models will pick it up and shoot.  in fact, i don't care if they pick up any camera and shoot.

i share my toys.

remember ... it's playing.

it puts the mood into that playful magical atmosphere.  

some know what i'm talking about.

i hope they do and if they don't, i hope they find those moments.

studio strobe is so fucking overrated.

sunlight.  diffusion.  bounce.  full-on and feathered in.

that moment just before magic hour ...


why am i playing jem?  she was sitting next to me the night before last at dinner.  such a cool chick.  rose mcgowan was at the next table.  talk about nice skin.  amazing.  

sat across the table from another girl, "aren't you Chris Weeks.  I mean how many other Chris Weekses would i know?"

i shoot development teams for her.  we've never met in person.  she gives me full creative license to make photos of software developers all over california for magazine articles.

okay ... seriously ... this dA submission agreement ... so what guys?  its all good.  don't you all think that if were worried i'd remove my gallery?  trust me i have a lot to loose.  i'm never going to even talk about the money.  but ... do you think i'm debt for the equipment.  not even in the least.  didn't steal it either.  but ... one sessh doing executive portraits ... paid for a body in three hours.

neophytes.  seriously.  if any of the naysayers really knew anything about innappropriate copyright infringement, they'd know to really sock it to someone they'd have to have registered their individual works or groups of works with the U.S. Copyright Office.  i'm not going to explain.  i know my rights.  you guys should find out your own.  do some research.

otherwise ... as MANY others have found out ... to get the punitive ... the works have to be registered.  go see.  google the mo-fo.

trust me ... i'm not about to go on for pages and pages ... i have better things to do.

don't note me about it either.  i don't give legal advice.

suffice it to say ... i'm covered.  i know my rights.  i know how to license my rights.  i know when there is NOTHING that will affect me adversely.

the dA agreement is one thing that will not hurt me.

you guys seriously think they're going to make eons of money off your works.

that's not their intent.  

i read it.  my attorney read it.  

no worries here.

just thinking about playing.

with light.

with my friend.

and ... it was work ... in the end.

but it didn't feel that way.  we hung out.  made photos of each other ... and ... the client is happy as shit.

when everyone's happy ... isn't that a good thing?

like dA ... we should all be happy ... this is a wonderful community.  helping each other.  supporting each other.  helping those that make this friggin' place possible.  there's no way they'd do anything to hurt us.

funny ... because ... i watch like 80 people ... i watch them because i like what they submit.  and ... none of THEM ... appears concerned to a grand extent ...

no ... i haven't submitted a dd pick.  yes, soon.  saw a few but ... none of them were what i want for a first dd pick.  soon.  yes.  soon.

there are some totally deserving.

oh ... yeah ... that and time.  i've had very little of the latter. lately.

just so you guys know i've been friggin' bombarded with comments.  i'm usually very good at responding to the ones i want to respond to.  but ... when you see 400 in message centre ... a bit daunting?

thank you all again for the comments (even though i have many to ya' know), the devwatches ... the faves.  seriously, 99.9% are really cool people and am glad to have made your electronic acquaintances.  you know who you are.

and now ... i'm going to sleep well.  a full night.  phones on silent.  pager on vibrate (wires still make us have them).

perhaps a shower with lots of steam.

very good last few days.

and ... we played.  and ... shared.  and ... smiled.  and ... furtively made our work.  nice thoughts to reflect upon.

hope this finds you all very well.


p.s., yes, more on the contest i'm going to do and the new group &nb… later this week.

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chihuahua gangbang

Fri Apr 1, 2005, 5:41 PM
status:  will be away for a couple days without internet.  not ignoring you guys ... just ... away ... some time in the mountains and then prepping an ad shoot for monday.  cheers all.  have a great weekend!

well ... instead of the chihuahua gangbang i was planning for my daughter's dog .. i'm going to get her spayed instead.  

i know that's fucked up.  not the spaying part.

so ... this morning i woke up.  checked my downloads from my agent.  smiled.  then went here to dA.  6-fucking-hundred comments, messages, etc.., etc.

wow.  had no idea why.  i mean ... yeah ... i'm staff now.  but that's really only for picking dd's.

just so you know ... noting me with your own work.  hmm ... i would never do that ... so ... i'm not really going to respond (if i was to respond at all) well to that.  if there's something you think i should see ... then ... that's cool.

so ... when i look at the new deviations now ... i'll be looking for photos i can make dd's.  should be fun.  i hope.

honestly, i know this is a website ... but do you know how much work goes on behind the scenes?  really.  i'm shocked.  i feel like i was given my first tour behind the scenes at disneyland.  although i think this backstage tour was more fun.  and prettier.

ya' know ... my sched is just fucked.  everytime i finish something there are 5 other issues or projects that need addressing.  when i told some of my friends i was "helping a friend move" they were beyond shocked.

yeah ... i have an assistant that carries my heavy shit ... and i'm the one wrangling a fucking fridge?  well ... okay ... yes ... she's hot.  the one i helped move.  but moreover ... she's just one of the coolest, talented, illuminated girls i know.  no i don't want to fuck her.

relationships are about goals.  similar goals.  if you don't have them, it'll never work.

but ... it's interesting to see who else was helping.  yes, the obligatory ex-boyfriend.  an angry guy.  the reborn christian brother.  another dude with his girlfriend.  don't know how they knew her.  the angry guy, what a dickhead.  being nice i said, "dude ... when i move next time ... i'll hire you to supervise only.  you're doing an amazing job with this truck."

he looks at me and says "You couldn't afford me."

i was nice.  i didn't say shit.  i smiled to myself when i saw what he drove away in.  my rims cost more than the "retail" value of the fucking piece of shit.

i know that sounds whatever.  i really don't care.

my body hurts.  won't be helping anyone do that for a while.  don't care if molly sims calls and asks.

but ... the conversation afterwards ... totally worth it.  she's amazing.  so is her little parisian friend that told me about this threesome thingy ... in front of the reborn christian brother.  too fucking funny.  the brother says to my friend (the one that was moving): "Does he really hate Bush that much?  He said it twice.  Is your other friend really that ... um ... interesting?"

can i possibly field more emails and telephone calls in one fucking day?

i don't think so.

what is it with today and all the fucking communications?  dunno.

i'm really glad you guys like the photo of the table and the rain.  i really liked it the moment i heard the quiet "thwap" of the leica.  sometimes you just really know.  amazing.

it's really the simple things.  when it comes to photography it's really "the seeing."   being observant in a photographic way.  seeing the WHOLE frame in your mind and translating that through a lens onto a film (or a fucking sensor).  whatever.  

i read a tutorial the other day on basic photography.  ya' know ... it was good. but ... there was a line "put your camera on P."  fucking program?  forget about how to use depth of field and shutter speeds?  that's bullshit. it's like building a house and not having a foundation.  i don't get it.

i guess the problem with digital is this whole access to everything twenty-four-fucking-seven.  what's wrong with delay of gratification?  i think nothing is wrong with it.

yes, i know there is one particular person that will take issue with the fact i mentioned digital.

but ... i'll say it again ... every fucking single photographer i know who has made it ... made it meaning WORKING has a basis firmly entrenched in film.

this will change i'm sure.

so ... honestly i'm overwhelmed with the amount of comments and compliments and faves and devwatches.  damn.  guys.  girls.  transgender non-specific.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  i know that my work is seen by people all over the planet in publications.  i know.  but ... it almost means more having my work seen here.  i know there's no money associated with it being seen here.

but ... i really never picked up a camera with the thought of money.

i picked one up to record the really cool shit i see.  and want to remember.

i'm glad my memories seem to translate so well with you all.

and ... gotta tell you ... some of the people i watch.  which really isn't all that many but ... anyway ... some people have improved so damn much in their photography.  amazes me.  makes me smile.

and ... isn't that what it's all about?  smiling?  smiling is really good.  i wish more people would.

lastly, yes, i will be sponsoring a contest.  i'm working out the details.

ah ... now i've got to cast a fucking shoot for monday as my favourite model is busy.  fuck.  this girl and i work so well together...

off to look at zeds...

keep y'all posted on the contest.

hope this finds all of you very very well.


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ah .... i'm almost done with editing my "own edit" of fashion week.  not answering the phone when the designers and "their people" call as ... i just don't want to be bothered.

yeah, that ... and scanning over a hundred friggin' images.  did you know that weather and atmospheric conditions fuck with film scanners?  whatever.  i hate film scanners.  well ... no i don't ... but right now i do.

and ... instead of figuring out how to clean this bitch ... it's been a couple years ... i'm buying a new one:…

supposed to be the shit.  don't need multi-formate capability any longer.  i'll just stick with 35mm.  if i need to go bigger, we have an imacon at the office.

here's a photo reportage posted by the king of putting shit together, patrick kahn:…

it's always interesting to send someone a hundred friggin' images and see which of them they pick.

can you believe the right-to-life idiots?  as much as i try to get away from the news ... it's all over the place.  they're trying to save some poor lady that is probably better off in a better place.  i mean ... i'm against the death penalty.  isn't it better to have someone rot in a cell than to take their life?  i think so.  don't the 10 commandments say, "Thou shall not kill?"  i don't see any sub-categories saying, "well, you can, but it must be in time of war" or whatever.

these right-to-life idiots.  like ... get a life.  a job maybe.  try a fucking blue state for a while.  they're all for saving this poor vegetable and unborn children but they want to kill anyone convicted even under the most dubious terms.  really, are they God?  

song change:  damien rice - woman like a man

bush says the other day that erring towards life is always correct.  what about that fucking law the idiot passed in texas in '99.  something like the compationate termination of life act.  

i see no difference in the fundamentalism of the muslim terrorists and the right-to-life-reborn-creeps.  well ... except our domestic variety don't usually accessorize their fashion with explosives.

i feel like our state (cali, for those that don't already know) has been moved north.  all we get are clouds, coldness and fucking rain.  this is fucking so cal.  where's the fucking sun.

i'm sure it's bush's fault.


i really think he hates us.  we're like the fifth largest GDP in the world.  our taxes buy all stupid war toys and ... he hates us.

on a positve note ... i was able to pick up several bricks of Agfa APX 25!  so happy.  i've been scouring the earth to find this film.

no ... digital cannot replicate it.

i know ... the "digital-only people" will say ... "here you go again with the digital vs. film bullshit."

shadow detail.  i'll put my negs against your file anytime.

especially the apx 25!  film from God.

the new website is now done.  probably tomorrow.  i hope it'll permanently reside at: was taken by a british mathematician.  of course a fucking mathematician.  he's an expert on crop circles.  i really don't like math.  especially the kind they're teaching in our local school district.

i really want to see the sun, dammit.

thanks again, guys and girls, for all of the nice comments, devwatches and fave's.  

hope -- if, per chance, you celebrate it -- you all have a great easter weekend.  if you don't celebrate it ... hope you have a great weekend.

mine's going to be chill.  very very happy about that.

cheers all,
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